If you knew you couldn’t fail…

How successful would you be? As a real estate professional, it’s likely that your success is measured by dollars and sales. Do you consider yourself successful? Do you consider yourself successful enough?

I recently read an article about how that question is often used to help people remove limitations and move ahead. It’s a good tool to use when you’re feeling stuck. Author, Warren Berger (“A More Beautiful Question”) has a different take on the question. He sees the question as proposing a fantasy scenario and sees a more realistic question being, “When I fail, how will I recover?” For those of us working in real estate, there are always deals that don’t go through, and opportunities missed. So, how do you recover from these failures? And do you see them as failures? Personally, I try to spread my energies over a number of projects so if one starts to look not-so-promising, I have others I can shift my energy to. But does that hold me back from going for the one REALLY BIG thing? It’s a good question and one that I’m not always sure I can answer.

How about you? When you reflect on your success, are you there yet? Will you ever be?