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How do I get a real estate license?

Getting a California real estate salesperson’s license is easy: complete three home study courses, and pass the state licensing exam – that’s it. For most people it takes 3-6 months to complete the process. Read more…


How do I get a broker’s license?

To become a licensed real estate broker in California you must either have worked as a licensed real estate salesperson for 2+ years, or have a bachelor’s degree with a major in real estate, complete eight home study courses, and pass the state licensing exam. Attorneys who are members of a state bar may be exempt from the home study courses. Read more…


What’s the difference between a salesperson and a broker?

In California, a real estate salesperson is licensed to work under the supervision of a broker. Brokers can work independently or for a company and may do sales along with supervising sales agents.


I completed my home study courses with another school, can I enroll in your exam prep? Anyone who is eligible for a California real estate salesperson or broker’s license is welcome to enroll in our exam prep.


What if I just want the online practice tests?

The online practice tests are available to anyone who wants them. You do not need to be enrolled in our exam prep to purchase them. The online tests are sold as a subscription: subscriptions last for two months. During your subscription period, you can access the tests as often as you like. Read more…


How do I apply for my state exam?

Candidates for the real estate sales and brokers exams must submit an application to the California Bureau of Real Estate (DRE). You can find the application on the DRE website located at www.dre.ca.gov. Along with your application you must send verification that you’ve completed the appropriate home study courses. Please note, the DRE offers two versions of their applications: with one, you’re applying for just the licensing exam; with the other, called a combined application, you’re applying for both the exam and your real estate license at the same time. To expedite getting your license, opt for the combined application.


How do I find out if my exam application has been processed?

The turn-around time for processing often takes 4+ weeks. You can track the process of your application, by logging into the eLicensing section of the DRE website.


What’s the best way to reach John Henderson?

John can be reached by e-mail at 411@realestatecentre.biz, or by phone at 310-410-9718.