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Congratulations! You found the #1 study guide to prepare for your California real estate exam. Written by John Henderson, this book provides the most current and comprehensive study guide available – learn what’s inside and you’re virtually guaranteed to pass!

NOTE: There are different books for salespersons and brokers, order accordingly.

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" Learn how to pass your exam the first time, or if you already failed, how to pass this time! "
- John Henderson

Inside you’ll find:

Course Outline – includes the most current information available on the California real
estate licensing exam. It covers the seven subject areas tested including detailed
explanations of each subject as it relates to the exam.

To see a sample of our Salesperson Course Outline, click here.
To see a sample of our Broker Course Outline, click here.

Practice Questions – 1000+ questions, including questions at the bottom of each page
of the outline, subject specific practice tests at the end of each chapter, and full-length
practice tests designed to simulate your state exam.

To see a sample of our Salesperson Practice Exams, click here.
To see a sample of our Broker Practice Exams, click here.

Study Guide – a step-by-step guide to prepare for your exam, along with benchmarks
to let you know when you’ve mastered the material. Need help organizing your study
time? This guide is for you.

To see a sample of our Study Guide, click here.

Math Workbook – worried about math questions? Math is a pretty minimal part of your
test, but if you’re worried about numbers, our math workbook is for you.

To preview a sample of our Math Workbook, click here.

Glossary of Terms and Numbers – a great resource of key terms and numbers tested.

To see a sample of our Glossary, click here.

Monthly Updates – Our course materials are updated monthly to stay current with changes to both the
sales and broker exams. Updates are posted online the first Tuesday of every month.


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This is the book to pass the test. John Henderson answered my questions and gave me confidence. If you are serious get this book. I passed on the first try.
— DS

I’ve been in the real estate licensing business for over 30 years, and this is the BEST state exam prep I’ve ever seen. Since I started referring all my students here for their state exam prep, I’ve seen the highest pass rate since I began in this business in 1988.
— GC

This book prepares you for the exam, especially with the minute details that showed up on the exam which I didn’t really expect and was so grateful that the book covered. I was amazed at how the author provided his phone number and was available for a conversation with me and prepared me for success!!! Who does that??? Thank you, John, for helping me pass.
— AB

This is a fabulous tool to aid in passing your state exam on the first attempt. If you use the content and the mock exams to practice diligently, you should have no trouble passing on your first attempt.
— AG

I am excited to announce that I took my exam yesterday and I PASSED!!! On the first take, your program helped me so much and I am very grateful! 🙂
— YB

Couldn’t recommend this book more! This was the only material I used to study for my broker exam, and I was able to pass my first time around. The study material was broken down into a detailed outline which was a format I really enjoyed! I would definitely recommend going through the book at least twice all the way through before taking your exam.
— LV

Passed the broker exam today! A really well-done book. I’ve never been one to study a lot, but I knew I’d need to pass this exam. The book is really well laid out and highlights exactly what you need to know. It also gives very helpful hints to guide you in the right direction with questions you’re not sure about. Thanks John!!!
— PC

I wanted to reach out to you to thank you and John for the course prep for the broker Exam. The exam was a bit tougher than expected but since I had the fundamentals right, I was able to pass.