Salesperson Preview Lesson

Answer this short quiz after viewing the video.

1. After the appraiser has collected all the data and applied the appropriate appraisal method(s), what is the next step in the appraisal process?
2. When an appraiser uses the market data approach to appraisal, she would be most interested in the date:
3. Which type of appraisal report has the following headings: Introduction, Site and Improvement Analysis, Supporting Data, Opinion of Value?
4. What appraisal license is required to appraise a strip mall valued at $500,000?
5. When the highest and best use of a property is expected to change, the current use is called:
6. When homes in an area represent the highest and best use of the land and are similar in architectural design, this would best exemplify which of the following principles of appraisal?