Why Choose Us?

Why choose the Real Estate Centre? Simply put, we are dedicated to providing you with expert information and excellent service at a great price. Over the past 20 years the Real Estate Centre has helped over 100,000 individuals start, and advance, their real estate careers. At the Real Estate Centre, we combine tried and true methods with new technologies to provide you with the best learning experience available.

Need more reasons to choose the Real Estate Centre? How about:

  • 20+ years of experience, our expertise with pre-licensing and test prep far surpasses all other schools.
  • Excellent first time state exam pass rate (broker and sales) – over 90% of our students pass on their first try.
  • Convenient – courses offered in a variety of formats, making it easy to fit studying into your schedule.

Real estate education is all we do. We are dedicated to your success and satisfaction. Don’t take our word for it; check out what some of our students have to say:

“I took John’s broker prep last year. After spending a day with John, the broker’s test was a piece of cake. I enjoyed John’s sense of humor and his stories always related to the subject. He has that unique ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Thanks again, it was a pleasure to be in your class.”
– Pat C.


“The presentation and approach to teaching us and your knowledge of the exam were excellent. Before attending class, I was nervous about taking my real estate exam. After class, I felt more confident. I just sold my first house and owe it all to you!”
-Tha N.


“I bought the Real Estate Centre prep book (with audio) and used it to study for and PASSED the California Real Estate Brokers Exam last week. I had no salesperson’s experience, nor took that exam; just 8 RE courses at my local community college. This book was worth every penny and had me fully prepared for the exam!”
-Omar M.


“Your program is absolutely incredible. The questions were up-to-date and the format made it easy to study and practice over and over until I had more than 97% on each exam. I passed the Broker’s Exam and am still ecstatic! I could not have done this without having studied your program. Thanks for everything!”
-Melodye S.


“I started as a real estate agent with the dream of being a broker. Now, I’m living the dream – I got my broker’s license and now have my own office. But it hasn’t always been easy. I took my broker’s exam three times before passing. English isn’t my first language so I kept running out of time when I took the test. John stuck with me and helped me pass. I send all of my new agents to John. He believed in me when no one else did, I’ll never forget that.”
-Jaime H.


I let my license lapse and was not happy about having to take the test again. I was sure that each and every minute spent in class would tick by so slowly and that I would be suffering through every one of them. But now, after attending your class, I wanted you to know that your pertinent discussions, helpful hints, and most of all your sense of humor made the time fly by. I fact, at the end of the class, I was even a little disappointed that it was the end of our time together!”
-Lisa K.


“Thank you so much! Your kindness to my daughter Rachel is very special. She just started as an account rep and having a real estate license helped her get the job.”
-Michael B.